Community Grounds Coffee Shop

We’re a space for neighbors, for conversations, for sipping your favorite latte with your favorite people.

We believe we offer something special to the neighborhood and the city of Atlanta, a positive “Third Space” for growing, relaxing, and enjoying fellowship. Plus, we serve a darn good cup of coffee.

Stop by sometime — we’d love to meet you.

We seek to provide the following:barviewsouthatl

  • A quality product
  • Great service
  • A place to feel like a “regular” and meet up with friends
  • A “third place” for people in the community
  • Community office space
  • Meeting space for community groups
  • A venue for community events, such as PTA, tutoring, community celebrations etc.
  • Opportunities for people to build relationships with their neighbors
  • Create a place of which the community as a whole can feel ownership


  • Who are we? A first class, fully operational coffee house
  • Who do we serve? Residents of South Atlanta as well as the surrounding neigborhoods
  • What needs are we meeting? We are providing a place to socialize and make relationships; we are providing quality coffee and specialty drinks
  • How are we meeting those needs? By making the environment inviting and always making our customers feel like they can stay for as long as they’d like; by choosing quality vendors to buy or products from and hiring people that are passionate about quality coffee
  • Why are we meeting those needs? Because building relationships is the best way to build a stronger community; quality coffee and food products are essential because people will not become regulars without them
  • We want to be a place where everyone is accepted for what they believe yet where the door is open for questions and conversation about God.
  • Third Place: A place besides home and work where people can relax and take a mini-vacation from the stresses of life. We can make this possible by providing a wonderful experience for the customer from the time they enter the door until they leave. We want customers to be able to meet up with friends, find a quiet place to read or meet other people.
  • We want to serve an excellent product in an excellent way. This means we do our best to ensure quality on each drink or food product we offer and we keep it real with the customers – upbeat and friendly at all times.

Our Values

  • Be real
  • Everyone is invaluable and irreplaceable. Treat each other with dignity and respect – speech that is not uplifting is not acceptable
  • Be alert – there is always something to be done on the “in-between” times, never really a reason to be idle
  • Strive for excellence in our product
  • A job worth doing is worth doing well. (This includes all the details of operations at Community Grounds, from making the espresso to stocking the shelves and picking up the trash!)


1297 Jonesboro Rd
ATlanta, GA United States 30315
Fulton County

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday - 7:30am-6pm
Saturday - 9am-5pm